When I first laid my ears on songstress Lilla Vargen début ‘This is Love’, I knew this was a defining moment. It’s like the time when you first heard Adele or Ben Howard, you knew in your heart and your mind that you had just struck gold. It’s pure emotion expressed through song that will always hit you hard in the chest, unless you’re made of stone.

Set to a gentle lulling piano there’s no room to falter, there’s no room to hide, the vocal takes centre stage and Lilla couldn’t weave her haunting voice with more grace or precision. Lilla’s voice is one that will quieten a room dead in awe with just one flutter from her pin-sharp pipes. Her vocal ability remains just as powerful at the apex of a restrained sigh as it does when she belts out the closing bars. It’s an enamouring power.

Stream ‘This is Love’ below.

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Charlotte Holroyd
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