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BLACK ZEROS. Thick like summer.


It took me a very long time to complete this article. The reason being a concoction of two parts fear, one part laziness. Typical of me… I have been excited about doing it for a really long time. From the moment I heard them, I wanted to share their music. So naturally I assumed that it would be an easy task to tackle, given my enthusiasm…I was wrong.  In trying to explain the way  Black Zeros make me feel, I became suddenly aware that the comparisons I draw and the observations I make, may not hit the same note with them, I mean…being compared to anyone is an interesting experience no matter what…Every time I tried to construct the article…I became obsessed with its imperfections….Until tonight. When I realised…it doesn’t fucking matter.

10413295_550405245081130_9191051731064313269_nTo me, listening to Black Zeros feels like summer. A thick heady summer…and you’re a teenager…a moody teenager…and all you wanna do, is kick around all day drinking beers, and pining after somebody way too cute for you. Their music has this grit to it, this nostalgic kinda grit…it feels like scraping your sneakers across the concrete, yet somehow manages to maintain a dreamy afterglow to it. For some reason they remind me of Drop Nineteens…(who, if you haven’t heard…rectify that immediately) but a bit more…reckless. In the best possible sense.

I’m not going to lie, another deal sealing factor for me is the bands ability to create this dope as fuck, DIY imagery. It’s this kind of kitsch, very vibrant surfy sorta stuff that somehow seems to encapsulate the music that they make pretty perfectly. Right down my fucking ally.


Formed seemingly on a whim in early 2012 in a seemingly sex pistols (we don’t know how to play, we just play) sort of fashion, Black Zeros have been building up a pretty impressive fan base of loyal followers. “I had never picked up a guitar in my life but for some reason thought id be able to start a band. I had a friend playing drums who also had never played an instrument before.. so its was clearly going to be a good thing from the get go right..?”

Since forming, the Black Zeros line up has grown and evolved, currently featuring one of the best live drummers (and standout dudes) that I’ve come across, Xavier Diekman (of Chicks Who Love Guns and Deep Sea Arcade) and These New South Whales (who I am listening to for the first time as I write this, and my mind is being fucking blown.) member, Will Shepherd on ye olde bass guitar.


If any of you can remember the first time you heard Best Coast…(and are anything like me)…you will understand how I feel about Black Zeros….except that…the first time I heard Best Coast…I was like “Fuck yes…this is how I feel listening to Black Zeros.” Yes…I was late on that bandwagon. It brings out the crush riddled, teenage girl inside this sappy, idealistic 24 year old man…and I fucking dig that. It reminds me of when things were simple, or perhaps I’m just vaseline-ing up the camera lens focused on my teenage years, but either way…It is real good emotive music.

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