My Life in Music: Caoilfhionn Rose

Delicate, blissful, panoramic. All words you can use to describe the music that Caoilfhionn Rose makes. Drawing up images of tranquil landscapes and wide open spaces in my mind. With just her voice and her piano, she conjures up an elegant rhythm section that’s rich with wistful lyricism and enchanting vocals. Powerfully soft yet fervent, with a might that is as strong as a heart full of human emotion. I cannot urge you more to listen to Caoilfhionn Rose.

Bitter Sweet Symphonies: Who was the first person to inspire you to pick up an instrument and play?

Caoilfhionn: “My Granny Rose bought me my piano when I was 7 years old however, if I was to pinpoint it – I really immersed myself in music when I was about 17. I had a period of illness around that time and music was a great therapy to me. I always remember listening to The Mummers (my favourite band ever), their music is really uplifting and they really inspired me to get writing and gigging.”

What was the first instrument you learned to play?


When did you realise that music was your passion and you had to pursue it?

“I’ve always secretly wanted to be a singer-songwriter. I remember when I was choosing my GCSE’s my parents were really supportive and just said, ‘do what you enjoy’ so I picked music.”

Where did you play your first gig?

“The first gig I did was an open mic night at Trof in Fallowfield (I think it’s called Fallow Cafe now?). It was a really busy night and I was the last one on!”

What has been the definitive record that has made the most impact on your life?

“Polly Paulusma ‘Scissors in my Pocket’ because it is full of so many beautiful songs such as ‘Perfect 4/4’. I heard it for the first time on the radio whilst driving in the car with my dad, we were both very moved and even though I’ve heard it so many times it still has the very same effect on me.”

What’s your earliest musical memory?

“I remember visiting my Grandad in Plymouth, he had a piano and that was probably the first time I ever played one.”

Who is your favourite songwriter?

“I have so many, I guess I could whittle it down to Rachel Sermanni, Anais Mitchell, Polly Paulusma and Glen Hansard.”

A song lyric that means a lot to me is… 

“I did not think I wanted anything other / Did not think I needed anything more / But everything changes. If you were thinking I wanted anything other than you / Well I wished for nothing more / But everything changes. Everything changes everything / Everything moves / Everything changes.”

A song that describes my current mood/frame of mind at this time is…

“I’m just a little person / One person in a sea / Of many little people / Who are not aware of me”

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