EP REVIEW: Hollow States – ‘Darkness is Laughing’

After tantalising us for months with the insatiable melancholy of their début track ‘If I Have To Grow Up’, Sydney’s moody synth pop purveyors, Hollow States finally have put out their début EP ‘Darkness is Laughing’. A sonic exploration that is intent to send our hearts and minds into disarray. Mindbogglingly, beautiful disarray that is.

It is as captivating as it is devastating and strikingly honest, bearing it’s torn and exposed beating heart for everyone to see. It’s something of beauty, it’s a rarity to come across a band so openly emotional and in that, near crippling with their honesty.

From the pensive ‘Why Do You Feel Like This?’ to the graceful, swirling menace of ‘Better Days’, the band have been careful to consider the soundscapes that take us throughout the EP. ‘Better Days’ with its lulling guitars, regimented drum beat and sleepy synthesizers, sets the basis for the tortured vocal to enter the arena.

The EP may be strung with a troubled and burdened sentimentality but it’s heart is in the right place. Although, the lyrical subjects do provide a murky outlook on life, from sadness to solitude to confusion. Lyrically, the EP encompasses real life: the dirty, nasty parts that we all like to hide and glaze over. And, I for one, think the band should be congratulated on creating something of beauty, out of something that is so ugly.

‘Darkness is Laughing’ is available to download now, over at the bands soundcloud and bandcamp pages.

Hollow States Links: Facebook . Twitter

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