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Prides never fail to astound and amaze with their simply addictive electro pop, it definitely seems like this band can churn out instant hits at the slight of a hand. After last year’s début ‘Out Of The Blue’ they’ve continued with each new release to up the anti that little bit more giving us tracks like ‘Messiah’ and new single ‘I Should Know You Better’. Their blend of infectious synth driven pop is uplifting, vibrant and just that little bit sexy. This band are destined for bigger stages and headline slots.

I caught up with singer/songwriter and keyboardist in Prides, Stewart Brock before the band headed to Bingley Music Live this last weekend to talk about all the good things that have been happening for them lately, dancing Yeti’s and Cassette Store Day.

Charlotte, Bitter Sweet Symphonies: You recently went around Scotland playing to some of your fans in their living rooms, sheds, basically anywhere. How did those gigs go? Any interesting stories that you can share with us?

Stewart Brock (Prides): Yeah, we played a pretty interesting variety of shows. They turned out to be some of the best shows we’ve ever played. We did some acoustically and some full band with a lighting rig and a PA. The atmosphere ranged from cups of tea and lime and coconut cake right through to being handed an open bottle of Jäger onstage. The drunken ones were pretty raucous. We also went canoeing on one of the days and did a tightrope challenge. It was a pretty fun week. The videos are all on our youtube channel (

What a moment that was playing to millions of people at Glasgow’s Commonwealth Closing Ceremony. How did it feel?

It was a pretty unique experience for all of us; really strange to share the stage with some really iconic acts. I think it will be a long time before we play a stage like that again, for sure… hopefully not though, haha!

You’re releasing ‘Strong Enough’ for Cassette Store Day. Are you fans of having the physical tangible product?

This was actually Jen Long’s doing; she’s releasing the cassette on her label, Kissability. It’s a really cool idea to do limited runs like this so that people can say, “I’ve got only one of 100 of these”. In general though, we’re not that fussed on the tangible product; this is just something special for the fans! We’re very much digital girls in a (mostly) digital world. We all have a few records but we also all have Spotify premium accounts. 

So we’ve had dancing yetis and priests on a road trip that may or may not be dumping a body as storylines in your music videos. How can you top that?

I dunno, spaceships maybe? Aliens? Time travel? That would be awesome! We’ll just have to see what treatments we get in! 

Do you have any input on how the video’s look? Do you write the treatments?

The three videos we’ve done so far have been written and directed by these two guys from Edinburgh called Something Something. We sent the tracks out to loads of film makers and music video directors and the treatments these guys sent back were incredible. We really like the idea of a video that can be summed up in a few words (e.g. “naked on a wrecking ball”) so we went for the treatments from Something Something each time. We ended up with, “massive dove projected on a castle”; “two priests dumping a body” and “dancing yeti”.

You’ve put out numerous mixtapes where you’re covering songs by other artists; it’s such a good idea by the way. Do you have a favourite cover that you’ve done so far? Any songs that you’d like to have a stab at?

We always like to cover the leading ladies of pop. Haim, Katy Perry and Ellie Goulding are up there with our favourites. We don’t really spend any time on covers, we just always scrape something together at the last minute in the van on the way to a session, so it usually ends up being something from the charts. It’s likely to be Ariana Grande or something next time.

Festivals are all about the music but also fashion is a big part of it too. What’s your favourite festival look?

Well there were a massive group of guys dressed as Santa Claus at the front of the stage when we played Y-Not this year. That was a strong look. We’re not really into festival chic ourselves, we just prepare for the rain!


A special thanks to Prides for this interview and for more info on the band, check out the following links below:

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