ALBUM REVIEW: Tom the Lion – ‘Sleep’

Tom the Lion is an enigma. This Leamington born singer/songwriter is an artist that we are very proud to have supported in the past and with the official release of his début album Sleep, we just can’t contain our excitement. Sleep is a record that exemplifies Tom’s musical brilliance and his exemplary song craft.

Opening with title track ‘Sleep’ we are met with a blisteringly sensual falsetto from Tom. ‘Sleep’ acts as a sort of awakening, that then eases us into the mystical world of Tom the Lion. Tom’s music on many levels takes an organic approach to melody and song structure. ‘Sleep’ for example, grows in grandeur from it’s humble beginnings into something that is elegant and refreshing on the ears. Akin to the melodic rush of Bear’s Den or even the rapturous ambience of Sigur Rós. 

Throughout Sleep we are met with moments of solitude, moments of bliss and moments of clarity. Tom schools us in a masterclass of artistry and songwriting as we wade through a myriad of textured ambience that lies softly beneath Tom’s gentle lulling falsetto. ‘Motorcade’ in it’s triumphant indie swell traces the outline of the growing tensions that young parents succumb to as they embark on a car journey.

‘Our Beloved Past’ flourishes in warm pastel hues with rich flowing guitars and sparkling hits of drums as they crescendo and burst into life. ‘Ragdoll’ is the most unique track on the album, with it’s off-kilter vocal delivery and haunting melodic nuance. ‘Ragdoll’ will leave you spellbound, and gasping to unravel the secrets that plague it’s existence.

‘Come to Life’ is our awakening. As the dawn breaks, we are awoken from our slumber and left dazzlingly to stagger back to reality. The track glows in it’s propulsive ambience, and we are left haunted as we leave the world of Sleep behind.

Sleep rests on its raw components. Tom’s melding of classical elements with his love to experiment gives us a début that not only is invigorating but confident in its delivery. Sleep is an accomplished début from an artist that is re-inventing or simply re-establishing how an audience should experience music. It’s not just about listening.

Sleep is a sensory, emotive and physical experience, we are thrown deep into the heart of Tom the Lion and his mystical world, and we would happily get lost there if we could.

Sleep is out now via Wrasse Records.

Tom the Lion Links: Website . Facebook . Twitter

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