WATCH: Twin Hidden – ‘Paper Unicorn’

Twin Hidden unveiled the music video for their latest single ‘Paper Unicorn’, taken from their début Make / Shift EP, yesterday and what a wonder it is. The video proves to be nothing less than a work of art.

If you’ve come across Twin Hidden before, then you’ll have become accustomed to their artistic brilliance and the sheer magnitude of work that they put into the visuals that accompany their music. With ‘Paper Unicorn’ they mix subtlety and majesty together to create a whimsical love affair of fantastic proportions.

The lyrics come to life in sprightly form in the shape of a magnificent unicorn made out of paper. Through the use of stop-motion video capture and an active imagination, what we are treated to is a fantastical journey of magic and wonder. Twin Hidden show us just how much you can do with a piece of paper and a bit of imagination – the possibilities really are endless. See for yourself below.

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Charlotte Holroyd
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