WATCH: Run River North – ‘Excuses’

This California based sextet already have won over the hearts and minds of the American public. Now moving further afield, they have set their sights on the UK with the release of their infectious new single ‘Excuses’ it sure won’t take long for these indie rockers to win over the British public.

‘Excuses’ is a fun, youthful track that screams out to be everyone’s summer anthem. ‘Excuses’ is the perfect fusion of indie guitar rock coupled with breezy accents of sun-soaked pop and vibrant boy/girl vocals, it’s a track you’ll fall in love with instantly, even before watching the video. Now I’ve watched a fair few music videos in my time to know that not every video will make an impact on you as an viewer but this one from Run River North definitely has.

What we are treated to is a sure fire lovable affair, made possible with the inventive camera work, humorous antics and general feel good vibe that is present in the video.

‘Excuses’ is the first track taken off Run River North’s self-titled début record, out 29th September.

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