ALBUM REVIEW: The High Wire – ‘Found In Honey’

Alt-indie trio, The High Wire, take us on a journey through a colourful, dusky dreamworld of magic and wonder on forthcoming third record “Found In Honey” out 14th July. If you ever wondered what it would be like to fall down the rabbit hole with Alice and venture into Wonderland, then this is exactly it.

Midnight whispers of rich, twinkling pop melodies, echo under sumptuous boy/girl harmonies seamlessly tied together with folk, R&B and psych influences. Opening track ‘Last Invitation’ steadily grasps at your heartstrings and runs away with your heart, a delicate lament to a lost love. Sparse instrumentation lays the canvas bare for Alexia Hagen’s shining vocal performance to take the forefront, glimmering in a heavenly glow, she takes your breath away and leaves you reeling for more. Falling into new single, ‘LNOE’ a pessimistic ode to change and the end of days, it is a wake-up call as we step into the real world. Though, the song tries to drag itself out of it’s monotonous haze and open itself up to a more optimistic groove, it still remains thoroughly downbeat, yet it’s miraculous string-driven pop melody overcomes the senses and offers up a glinting ray of sunlight through the gloomy outlook.

The dreamy, blissed-out majesty of The Thames & The Tide’ and it’s electro-driven jangle of clattering percussion is definitely a highlight. The infectious rush of previous single, ‘Still’ bridges the ascent into higher climes with the blistering intensity of ‘Under A Spell’ and the calming iridescence of the genre-melding ‘Cinch’.

Album closer ‘20,000 Streets’ feels like a call to arms, a strong and assured track that combines classical elements with contemporary sounds, opening to a choir of lavish harmonies and a sturdy, brash fumbling of rock riffage lays the pathway for the track to unfold it’s bubbling synths and strings in a wonderfully awe-inspiring way. 

You may think coming in at the measly 9-track mark, the album may seem a little short but having said that “Found In Honey” in no way feels like we’ve been short-changed. It’s a mesmerising piece from start to finish, awash with passionate vocals, imaginative arrangements and breezy soundscapes. The High Wire have definitely pushed the bar with this release. After all “Found In Honey” is their third studio album, giving them a little wiggle-room to experiment with new sounds and ideas, which they have done so effortlessly. They clearly have found the right balance and what a delightful record they’ve produced. 

‘Found In Honey’ will be released on 14th July 2014.

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