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HYPE OF THE DAY: 10 Tracks You Need To Hear

Listen to ten of our favourite new tracks from the likes of Joel Baker, Etches, Trampolene, Flyte and As Elephants Are.

Wolf Gang – Black River 

Indie poppers Wolf Gang are back with a new single, Black River, taken off the titular EP out 29th April. The track is a shining example of the uplifting quality to Wolf Gang’s music. Glittering with airy synths, charging percussion, anthemic melodies, and a passionate vocal from McElligott, this is the way to make a statement.


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Joel Baker

Joel Baker – Every Vessel, Every Vein

Joel Baker is one of the best singer/songwriters I’ve come across over the past year, and his latest single, Every Vessel, Every Vein, is the perfect example of this. Every Vessel… is a wonderfully soulful, folk song, it’s as crisp as an Autumn day but as warm as a day in the middle of summer. Baker’s songs are anything but dull, full of heart and sentiment, it’s impossible not to be moved by his music. Every Vessel’s…. glacial build up of textures and chanting voices is just the cherry on the top of the cake, a chorus of rapturous, gospel revelries that fills your heart with love.


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Broken Hands

Broken Hands – No One Left To Meet

Broken Hands growling, supercharged space rock is seeing the band take a meteoric rise to dizzying heights. Their latest single, No One Left To Meet, gained them plays and playlist status on Radio 1. The track languishes in it’s ‘balls out’ foot to the gas approach, revelling in its pulsating energy, fuzzy riffs and gut stomping ferocity. It just proves love for rock music is not dead and it never will be.


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Shy Nature

Shy Nature – Lie Back

Shy Nature provide the soundtrack to glorious summer days, bright and wistful, their songs are vibrant and colourful in their composition. Lie Back is no exception to that rule, laden with surfing guitar melodies, a sincere vocal and searing lyricism, this track is a ray of sunshine, it’s instantaneous indie pulse clearly defines Shy Nature as one of our favourite bands. Any song that can turn a trip to the dentist into a happy, melodic experience is a winner in our eyes.


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Flyte – We Are The Rain

Flyte’s laid back indie pop twinkles and glitters no more so than on their début single, We Are The Rain. It’s disco-inspired pop  that shines with its textured harmonies, flourishing synth’s and water-drenched lyricism “In your dad’s old car hiding from the weather”. An absolute delight from London’s most exciting new band, Flyte.


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Etches – David

Etches latest track, David, submerges us deeper into their moody, murky world of guitar/synth driven alt-rock. Etches are one of the most exciting new bands around at the minute and this new track shows exactly why. It’s groovy, atmospheric soundscape soars in it’s restraint and rapture. Etches penchant for intricate arrangements comes to the forefront in this track, its tormented soul seeps deep into every crevice which creates this hypnotic pull for the listener. They do their best to create melodic, foggy melancholy and frankly they do it so well.


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Trampolene – Alcohol Kiss

Welsh trio Trampolene are soaring from release to release with their relentless, snarling rock tunes. Alcohol Kiss is their latest offering taken off their forthcoming pocket album, it’s restless tempo and frantic urgency shatters anything in its way, instantly grabbing the listener by the throat and never letting go. Trampolene’s stylish grwoling rock is just what you need in your life. 


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LVLS – Blood Dance

LVLS (Loveless) are going from strength to strength with each new release. Blood Dance is a synth pop beauty, glimmering with luxurious harmonies, an insatiable cruising groove and slick hooks. It’s destined for indie disco’s the world over.

Taken from the forthcoming ‘R.I.P JOEY FRITZ’ EP, OUT 12TH MAY

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As Elephants Are – Went Wrong

Alt-rock darlings, As Elephants Are just dropped their latest track, Went Wrong. It’s a marvellous, melancholic surf indie guitar track, that grows in its majesty, in true As Elephants Are fashion. The lyricism reveals a tormented soul yet the track soars and builds like a tidal wave into something that is not only transportive but transcendent.

Taken from the ‘HAND PRINTS’ EP, OUT 5TH MAY

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The Orielles

The Orielles – Entity

The Orielles surf pop sweetness that is Entity is another remarkable release from the young Halifax based trio. The Orielles flair for the 60s really shines in everything they do, ranging from straight up surf pop to post-punk influences, they are a very exciting band indeed. Highlighted with softly sung female vocals, flowery lyricism and dizzyingly sweet summery melodies, Entity cries out for radio play.


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