EP REVIEW: Jameson – ‘Pronto’

Californian folk singer/songwriter Jameson Burt released his début EP, late last year and I know I’m way behind in learning about this artist but great things happen over time and I’d be lying if I didn’t say this is exactly one of those occasions. Jameson’s music is pure gold with his husky vocals, stylish guitar arrangements and raw lyrical style, he is definitely a diamond in the rough.

I can’t help but easily make the comparison with Jameson to Bitter Sweet Symphonies favourite, James Bay, both have that raw intensity in their voices and that real gut wrenching ability to stun you with their lyricism, making you pretty much mute and captivated by their music. EP opener, Bourbon, immediately steals your attention with its brooding emotional depth and insatiable rhythm, Jameson’s fiery, husky vocals really accentuate his storytelling style and sets the momentum for the rest of the EP.

Track two, Everything is Changed, see’s Jameson pick up his banjo, which is another thing that really Jameson should be praised on, for his multi instrumentation, it’s not that often you hear a banjo these days, so it’s really refreshing. Jameson shows off his vocal range in this song, with his impeccable restraint and heart stirring warbles. Let You Be takes a more laid back approach, resting delicately in it’s Americana roots, edging at times with a bluesy feel to it, again Jameson’s vocals really shine on this track burning through the speakers and crying out to the listener. It’s tantalising push and pull motion leaves you yearning for more. A real star of the EP for sure.

Next up track four, Liar, has a more undoubtedly country feel to it, with it’s heavy banjo infused melody and honest lyricism. Not As Easy with its delicate stripped back guitar composition really allows for Jameson to show off his vocals and captivating presence to his fullest. Final track, Surprise, brings the pace back up and is laden with heart stirring melodies and husky vocals, which spark a visceral connection with the listener, a pensive track that thrives in it’s beautiful spectrum of rousing melodies. 

You can catch Jameson in London on Tuesday 25th March at Betty’s Coffee (for more details click here) for a special one off acoustic show before he leaves the UK and returns home, I can’t stress enough that if you can you should go, Jameson is a really special artist and he has all the talent to go really far.

Tracklisting: 1- Bourbon, 2- Everything Is Changed, 3- Let You Be, 4- Liar, 5- Not As Easy, 6- Surprise

Pronto is out now and you can buy a copy of the EP right here and for more info on Jameson, check out the following links below.

Website . Facebook . Twitter

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