EP REVIEW: MOSCOW – ‘Pack Animals EP’

Stoke’s Moscow unveiled their sophomore EP earlier today, the Pack Animals EP and what can I say? They’ve definitely given it their all, it sounds huge from start to finish, it’s raucous energy, bold instrumentation and Andrews signature fiery vocals just can’t be beat, this EP demands your attention from the get go. All I can is, you need to hear this.

I have to say, the new tracks sit very nicely with their back catalogue (Hell Fire EP). What Moscow have brought to this EP is a new sense of refinement, they have basically taken their sound to the next level. This is an EP that they should be really proud of. I mean I’ve played it on repeat today a LOT, it’s just one of those things that you can listen to over and over again, without it getting old and boring, you notice something new each time you listen, which is always a good thing, in my opinion.

One thing that really screams out at you when listening to the EP is their new found emphasis on groove, these tracks are for one, just as passionate and hard hitting as their previous material, but they definitely have that extra pizazz to them with that grinding rhythm. One thing that hits you immediately is how precise and tight this band are, they’ve still got that raw edge at the heart of their music, but with this EP it’s definitely edging more towards a polished sound. I don’t want to say that they’ve lost that grittiness though because they haven’t, I think that’s one thing that will always come through in whatever they do, it’s one of their strengths, that they do have that raw intensity and real fight to their music. It’s powerful and it’s visceral, and that’s a combination you can’t beat.

You can fully understand why Moscow chose to name the EP after the track, Pack Animals, because it is just the perfect song. With it’s deliriously addictive and catchy chorus, you can’t help but fall in love with this track from the first listen, it’s snarling rock that has the raw power behind it to make it very successful. A track that’s built to be heard at full volume and that’s crying out to be picked up by radio, well a radio friendly version. Track two, Out Of Time, provides another killer chorus, it’s heavy drum and guitar combination provides a wall of sound that doesn’t falter. For sure this one will be one to let loose to at a gig, it’ll be complete and utter chaos I can imagine.

Killing Hope is another high energy track that never lets up, it’s a beast that is uncaged from the first drum beat and guitar riff, it’s insatiable thirst keeps you hooked. Right when the backing vocals kick in and start chanting “Killing Hope”, that’s just the icing on the cake, this song is a bold statement on society. Truth Vibration has a lot of groove to it, definitely one to get you dancing, and with a stand out vocal from Andrews, it shows off his vocal versatility very much so. The track erupts in it’s majesty and angst, as Andrews belts out “they are trying to take away my truth vibration, trying to take away my truth….woah, oh, oh, oh/ oh no you don’t”. This track is definitely one of the stand out tracks, it really sums up the EP best, unapologetic lyrics, heavy bristling rock, an invasion of sound that blasts into life from the get go.

This is a superb follow up to the Hell Fire EP and I hope it gains the attention it deserves. Moscow are one of the most underrated bands in the UK right now, so I just hope people sit up and listen to this because Moscow are here and they are here to stay.

Tracklisting: 1- Pack Animals, 2- Out Of Time, 3- Killing Hope, 4- Truth Vibration

The EP is available to stream now on soundcloud and I’m told it will be available to download from Friday 7th March. Go celebrate with Moscow at their EP launch gig this coming weekend (Saturday 8th March) at The Exchange in Stoke and with support coming from the mighty Puppet Rebellion also, it’s gonna be one to make the history books. Tickets are available here for the pocket friendly price of £5.

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