EP REVIEW: ArtClassSink – ‘ILLA’

Oxford’s alt rockers, ArtClassSink released their début EP, ILLA, at the end of 2013 and with an EP like this they are sure to be plucked from obscurity in no time at all. With a band name like ArtClassSink, it makes you wonder what’s the inspiration behind the name. Well the band’s frontman, Joe Biggs, says that it came to him in a recurring dream he had “where an artist was working on his masterpiece. This went on for ages, when he was finally finished and went to wash up the colours in the sink, he realised that the wash of colours in the sink produced something much more beautiful than the piece itself” and ArtClassSink is born.

First track, Sheopens with a sparse instrumental, as the track progresses it heats up and lets loose in closing bars of the song. She is a dark melancholic, moody track that yearns to weave and connect with the listener on a deeper level. Time To Go (Before the Rivalry) really does amp up the anti, a drum and bass lead track that has lots of groove and a real pace to it, with a vocal that echoes Ian Curtis (Joy Division) in many ways for its utter introspective tone. You get the feeling like he’s withdrawn a little, like he couldn’t care less if anyone’s listening or what people think about what he’s singing.

When listening to these tracks you feel their passion and love for their music come through in their musicianship, not unlike say band of the moment, Catfish and the Bottlemen. Cry For Help is the highlight for me, with woozy rhythms of psychedelica and shoegazy atmospherics, this is a song to be very proud of, something that wouldn’t seem out of place next to a Horrors track, elements of sparse instrumental creep in and around this track very much like that you would find in a XX song also. They are a band that know what they want to achieve and have the passion and musical ability to achieve their dream, I can only congratulate them on a great EP. 

Final track, Someone To Try For, maybe isn’t the big climax you might be anticipating, but it is a solid track, that is as radio ready as the rest of the songs are. There is a real sense when listening to this début, that you are listening to the beginnings of a band that are set for greater success. Already having supported some of the best bands around, such as Augustines, Temples, Superfood and SKATERS, they are already on their way. With this EP it fully cements them as a formidable force.

Tracklisting: 1- She (Intro), 2- Time To Go (Before the Rivalry), 3- Cry For Help, 4- Someone To Try For

Catch them next headlining The Garage in London on 20th March, tickets are only £5 so be sure to head down for a great night of live music.

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