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SONG OF THE WEEK: Major Leagues – ‘Endless Drain’

Brisbane’s newest IT band, Major Leagues, are causing quite a stir in their homeland of Australia right now. With the recent release of their début EP, Weird Season, and a hotly tipped nationwide headline tour of their native Australia just announced, they are going to start 2014 off with a bang. 

Major Leagues make a clear rival for our affections with other bands like Sisters, whom are already making their mark over here, a little bit of competition is always healthy though, right? It’s time for Major Leagues to introduce us to their own blend of blissed out grunge pop musings, with an emphasis on a garage rock aesthetic and heaps of attitude, they are firmly setting a good example of Aussie music at its best. With a reverb drenched soundscape, it’s the perfect burst of indie pop for anyone who wants to chill out and escape their life for a couple of minutes.

Sun kissed guitars and punchy drums make their sound powerful, blissed out vocals add that spark of colour to it also and with a mesmerising female lead vocal from Anna Davidson, at the helm, they are sure to go far. 

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