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SONG OF THE WEEK: Jim Hickey – ‘Everything’

Berlin based Jim Hickey makes experimental, alt-electro pop, that is edgy and unique in every way. For fans of James Blake, Active Child, Delphic and Everything Everything, Jim Hickey’s music is definitely for you.

Jim Hickey’s obsession with music began at an early age, he soon realised his passion for music and was playing in bands from the early age of 15, soon after he found his musical home in Berlin, which is where he resides currently, making his electronic music in Berlin’s musical underbelly, as it is a hive of creativity. Taking influence from the underground electronic scene in Berlin, he has created his début EP, entitled the Railings EP, which was written, recorded and produced by him at his home studio, all but the drum parts which he recorded in another studio. This EP is the start of a collection of releases, the next EP is set for release early next year.

I chose to feature his song Everything in particularly because I think it is a good introduction to Jim Hickey and it gives you a little insight into his thought process and what to expect from the rest of the EP. Everything is a beautiful mishmash of sounds, with a strong beat, slick guitar hooks, swelling synths and a vocal that is as sweet and enticing as a slice of apple pie. I expect we’ll be hearing a lot of Jim Hickey’s music in the future, this song is anthemic and so slick, it’s just screaming out for radio play.

Everything is taken of his upcoming EP, Railings EP, out 11th November, which if you like this track then you’ll love the EP, because it’s just as good, if not better, so be sure to have a listen to that here.

For more info on Jim Hickey and to purchase an exclusive limited edition copy of his new EP, check out the links below.

Website . Facebook . Twitter

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