EP REVIEW: Sahara Beck – ‘You Could Be Happy’

Brisbane singer/songwriter Sahara Beck may be young, but she’s already achieved so much, releasing her debut album, Volume One, at the mere age of 15, and she won the School Award for her song, You Could Be Happy at the Queensland Music Awards in 2012. Just today she has released her latest EP, of the same name, You Could Be Happy. She is a singing sensation, but now it’s time that the world knows that also.

First track of the EP, C’mon Man You’re Dead, blends folk sensibilities perfectly with elements of pop, featuring hand claps and delicate guitar melodies that pick up pace as the song progresses that will have you up and dancing in no time. Her vocals are so captivating that you hang on her every word, even though the lyrics are seemingly darker than the uplifting, melodious passion of the song suggests, there lies a more deeper meaning. This song is an ear worm and it will bury itself in your head for days, I love it, a great opening track no doubt about it.  C’mon Man You’re Dead really does immediately catch your attention and instantly you know Sahara Beck is a special artist, one that will go far.

Track two, Mary Jane, has a fast driving beat that propels the song along. It’s a tale of dependency and alcoholism, how this man depends on Mary Jane to always be there and to pick up the pieces after he ‘falls down’, the repetition of the lyric ‘now I’m all alone, come find me’ echoes out and draws you further into the song. 

Next up is Bang, Bang, Bang which takes an acoustic stance. Beck’s vocals are at the forefront overlayed on top of a steady guitar melody, and growing and swelling atmospherics. Beck shows off her vocal range in this song, heavenly and enthralling, this song is a pleasant surprise. Track four, Madman, is a soft, sweet song that swells into a grittier, heavier sound than the rest of the EP has taken, with an emphasis on a good drum beat and a driving guitar melody. Beck’s vocals are strong and take a fighting stance, the troughs and peaks of her voice are so beautiful to hear unfold, especially in this song.

Track five, Daisy, is so beautiful, more stripped back than the rest of the EP. With a focus on Beck’s voice with just the simple backing of a guitar melody and strings underlying her vocals, the beauty of this song comes to the forefront, her impressive songwriting skills again take pride of place, “death is peaceful, not so sad, I wouldn’t bother getting mad, won’t make a difference anyway”. This has to be my favourite track off the EP, though it’s hard to pick just one song because after all the whole EP is just so good. But her vocals really shine in this song, a haunting voice that sends shivers down your spine. Her vocal ability is beyond what I’ve heard before from an artist as young as she is, at only the age of 17, she is astonishing.

Final track of the EP is the title track, You Could Be Happy. It’s a gentle, moving track that’s again is like a wonderful blossoming garden, full of promise and light. With the lyric that surrounds the song “you could be happy, if you open your eyes” you’ll be sure to open up your eyes and ears and listen to the sounds of Sahara Beck, that will make you more than happy it will brighten your day.

Listen to C’mon Man You’re Dead below and to buy a copy of her EP click here.

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