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SONG OF THE WEEK: Ruen Brothers – ‘Blood Runs Wild’

Ruen Brothers are currently touring the UK supporting Tom Odell and tearing up the music scene here in the process, with the release of their latest track imminent, Blood Runs Wild, out 4th November, they are breaking boundaries left, right and centre. Each new track of theirs just raises the bar each time, they can do no wrong in my opinion. 2013’s breakout band for sure.

The Ruen Brothers, as you might guess, are really brothers, Henry and Rupert Stansall. They are bringing rock n roll back, but making it fresh and current, the emphasis being on a dirty, blues big guitar sound. Blood Runs Wild has previously been given the prestigious honour of being named Zane Lowe’s ‘Hottest Record in the World’ on Radio 1. The song is a rambunctious, stellar tune that will certainly be sailing around in your head for days. After my first listen to this track, I have had it on continuous repeat ever since. With an opening guitar hook that is pulsing and reminiscent of the great Roy Orbison, a surging chorus that has all the makings to be a classic. Pure and simply this song is just a celebration that will undoubtedly have you dancing like a fool around your room.

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