LISTEN: The Nankeens – ‘Scenester’

On the heels of their big gig on Saturday 21st September at The Deaf Institute. The Nankeens are about to release a new single, titled Scenester, which will be their second single release working with Manchester’s Scruff of the Neck Records. This new single sparks quite a departure from what we’ve heard in the past from The Nankeens, if you have been lucky enough to catch it being played on one of the local radio stations then you’ll know why. But if not, read on to hear what I think of the track and be sure to head down to The Deaf Institute to hear it live and pick up a copy of the limited edition CD while you’re there.

Scenester in itself is a BIG track, living up to The Nankeens reputation of making epic indie tunes. It comes charging in with a thumping drum beat and raging guitars, and in swoops singer Adam Darby’s gravelly vocal and catchy hook after hook. To me the song has a few glimmers of the Arctic Monkeys in there also, which can’t be a bad thing can it? 

Scenester is  track that will definitely have the whole crowd bouncing and moving, with a more hard core edge to the song in the closing section it it quite a development to The Nankeens sound. It’s something that’s a lot heavier than you’d expect to hear from The Nankeens, and it’s something that wouldn’t be too out of place next to say The Sea and Tame Impala melodically anyway. The Nankeens mean business and are here to stay, with songs like Scenester to their name there’s no doubt that they will be making music for a very long time.

Charlotte Holroyd
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