This LA three piece consisting of Landon Jacobs, Jason Suwito and Hayden Coplen are a band that I have just found out about, but they immediately caught my attention with their dark, electronic indie pop. They are insanely good, they mix genres perfectly together to create something that’s completely unique and refreshing. A band that are continually being compared to The Neighbourhood, which can be a good thing. May I introduce you to Sir Sly.

Their newest track, Miracle, up for free download might I add, is probably their best yet. The track begins with an open soundscape, a very basic beat, Jacobs voice delicately swimming on top with rhythmic playfulness he confesses “I just want and I can’t have, and I can’t have a miracle”. As the track progresses, the song comes alive and reaches it’s climax with a surge of guitars and a boat load of seriously fresh beats. They have an energy that Rudimental might even be jealous of. A solid track, that just solidifies how great Sir Sly are even more, check it out below.

Charlotte Holroyd
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