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SONG OF THE WEEK: Bedlam Crooks – ‘Next Animal’

Bedlam Crooks début release, Next Animal, is set to be released next weekend, out 24th August. It’s the first single off their upcoming début album, Stay Curious, out 5th October and let me tell you now it’s an album not to be missed. Bedlam Crooks definitively make up the sound of 2013 for me, they may be a very young band but they well make up for it in style and musicianship. They certainly are ones to watch.

The video for Next Animal dropped today, one week earlier than planned, have a gander at the video below. Next Animal proves to be an outstanding track, plenty of excitement surrounds this track, though the meaning of this track is about how we all tend to forgot the fact that ours days are numbered, and that we need to live life to it’s fullest and not waste our lives away, “What’s it been for if you haven’t done anything, you haven’t seen anything?”. Seize the day in effect. It is packed to the brim with gritty, anthemic guitar riffs and tight, big drum sections, the soundscape is vast and atmospheric, referencing how life is, unpredictable and unknown. This is a solid introduction to Bedlam Crooks. A band that once you’ve heard them, you can’t get enough of them. Enjoy.

Charlotte Holroyd
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