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SONG OF THE WEEK: Jaws – ‘Gold’

Jaws may be another Birmingham band that are being hyped about so often lately, but they are not just another Birmingham band, they deserve every ounce of that adoration they are receiving right now. They get grouped in with other bands like Peace and Swim Deep regularly, though they are all great in their own ways also. Jaws have defined themselves as a separate entity in their own right, with their own brand of electric, summery vibey indie pop, that has been captivating people around the UK for the past 12 months, which has raked up quite a following for the lads. 

Gold is a delicious indie pop song that’s filled with manic guitars and dirty, gritty drums. The epic vibe of the song is perfect for long summer nights, unwind to Jaws and let yourself get lost in the music. Gold surges on your ears, as it reaches it’s breakdown and culmination, a charge of surf melodies and indie goodness. A song that will take the summer out on a good note.

Gold is available to download now. Just this week, Jaws announced that they are going to be playing Reading and Leeds Festival this year, a great way to end the summer on I’d say, tickets are still available, but are running low, so be quick if you want to go to the best festival this year. But if you miss them there, why not check them out on tour throughout September, it’s gonna go off, make sure you don’t miss out.

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0 thoughts on “SONG OF THE WEEK: Jaws – ‘Gold’

  1. Jaws doin it again:)
    Seen the band a few times,they always put on a good performance.
    Nice to see young lads givin it a go at such a young age, and gettin it right,
    Well done boys keep at it!!!,your time will come..

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