EP REVIEW: Lonesound – ‘The Great Outdoors EP’s’

Lonesound aka. James Ewers has just recently released his third and final EP, entitled The Great Outdoors (pt. 3), which is part of a collection of three EP’s, that make up The Great Outdoors EP’s. All which have been self-released by Ewers, with a little help from his fans and backers of his Pledge Music campaign, he was able to surpass his goal for the amount of money he needed to raise to produce, manufacture and distribute his album. Allowing him to realise his dream and also help out others in need by donating a large portion of the proceeds to Thames Reach, a charity which helps to look after people sleeping rough on the streets of London. 

Rest assured, James Ewers is a great musician and first and foremost, a great human being. The Great Outdoors EP’s themselves are a thing of beauty, that showcase his mastery of many different instruments, including guitar and piano,and his incredible songwriting skills, which capture the most delicate and complex parts of life. His newest EP, The Great Outdoors (pt. 3), takes a more refined approach than his previous offerings have done, edging towards a more folk, acoustic sound, which further showcases his versatility as a musician and an artist. The new EP documents life-changing moments in Ewers life, from getting engaged on New Years Day to playing his first solo show.

The Great Outdoors (pt. 1)

Track 1 – The Great Outdoors – is a symphony of indie pop goodness, with sweeping melodies and vocals, The Great Outdoors is a great opening track to the EP.

Track 2 – In My Dreams Tonight – is a driving force, that features a Bruce Springsteen inspired charge to the song. A strong pulsating guitar and a punchy chorus to boot, In My Dreams Tonight is the star of the show, a track that has a lot of fight, but also one that is essentially drenched in longing, as Ewers yearns for real life to be as perfect as in his dreams, but in my dreams tonight, tonight, I’ll be in love again, Till I awake again, and I’m broke again, alone again, but as the song progresses, the  realisation hits him that he doesn’t need any reassurance of love, because it really is there, well, I used to think a little, dream a dream, wake up aching and wonder why, things have come on a little, so it seems, now I just look in to your eyes, and i’m in love again.

Track 3 – A Little While Longer – is a track that paints a dreamscape in your mind, it’s echo-y and misty in its composition, as the future is uncertain, the song echoes this feeling. This song is about our life cycle, life and death all circle around each other and eventually we all meet our inevitable future. But the main message here, is spending time with the ones you love and cherishing that, never missing a moment.

Track 4 – I’m Feeling Lucky – is a pulsing energy driven track that is optimistic in its message, that life may not always be rosy but it can get better, if you wish it to. 

The Great Outdoors (pt. 2)

Track 1 – Don’t Hold Me Back – Immediately, Don’t Hold Me Back, shows a new lease of life and direction to this EP. A frivolous melody that just excites you from the get go for what’s to come. A great track on all counts.

Track 2 – Who Was Watching? – is a stunning symphony of infectious bluesy tones, it gives the song a darker feeling than the rest of the EP and with a Keane-esque vocal, Who Was Watching is the perfect song.

Track 3 – Lisa Settled Down – A fun track that is driven by a strong piano and drum melody. A tale of a past love that had settled down and got married to one of his old friends, a chance encounter with his former flame makes him realise that they made the right decision to move on from each other, ‘some dreams are better off never coming true’.

Track 4 – Long Gone – with a Smiths inspired riff and a guest vocal from Leah Kardos, Long Gone is a song that just brightens up a room.

The Great Outdoors (pt. 3)

Track 1 – A Place For Everyone – It is clear when listening to A Place For Everyone that this EP is to take a new direction from the last two, with a stripped back attitude, the emphasis falls on the lyrics. A love note to his fiancé, that begins with just a delicate piano, which builds up to a symphony of violins and guitars that simply just melt on your ears. A beautiful track about overcoming doubts and the start of new beginnings.

Track 2 – (You Don’t Have To Be) Strong – is a beautiful song, which carries a hint of The Beatles in its piano composition. A song that just dances around in your head, the message behind the song being that he’s saying you don’t have to be strong because you’ve got me, I’ll look after you and take care of you, we’ve got each other.

Track 3 – As We Go Along – is a song that looks to the future with his fiancé. A song that is the perfect backdrop for anyone in love or falling in love. With sweeping violins and piano, it makes even the dullest day seem a little brighter.

Track 4 – Fallen Leaves – the final track leaves you with a sense of solemn melancholy but optimism for new beginnings and starting over. A track about moving on but not forgetting what was once was there, as Ewers cements ‘this one is dedicated to the fallen leaves’.

The Great Outdoors EP’s prove to be a very eclectic collection of songs, that have something for everyone and that prove James Ewers will be around for a very long time. The intricacies of his songwriting makes Ewers a very special artist and one to be on the lookout for.




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