LISTEN: Unsigned music that you should be listening to

Here’s a list of our picks of the best bands and artists that are currently making waves around the country and around the world.


Moscow are a band that have infinite stage presence, with frontman Nic Andrews, they are unstoppable. There is nothing he can’t do when he’s on stage, he’s fearless, what more could you ask for in a frontman? This Stoke four-piece are ready to dominate stages across the country with their heavy hitting post-punk, expect to be blown away if you go see these guys live, they are loud and unruly, but that’s what you want in a live show, isn’t it?


Minor Blues are a blues rock outfit from Manchester. This five-piece are seriously hot, they have such groove and effortless swagger. Not unlike fellow Manchunians, Frank’s Wild Years or Mercury Field, the only difference being that they take everything that those bands have and meld those sounds together to create their own sound. I’m not saying that they take inspiration from these bands in particularly, but for me as a listener that’s what I take from it. Minor Blues are a very lovely band, that produce soft yet raging blues rock tunes, a band I can’t wait to hear more from.


CuT are a four-piece punk rock band from London, who are currently taking over the music scene in London one venue at a time. They are being hyped about by bloggers and music critics alike, and rightly so. Never have we seen a punk band this exciting in decades, the rawcuss energy they exude, just explodes on your ears. Their music is meant to create chaos, but in the best way possible, they like to experiment with a lot of echo on the guitars and vocals, which you can’t complain about. But truly, I think CuT are a band that are seriously on the tipping point of major success right now, get listening to them now, I’m sure you won’t regret it.


Guy Connor (ex The Paris Riots frontman) in the past year has released a lot of new solo material, which can be described as nothing but magnificent. You can hear the strong emphasis on great songwriting in his songs, not only that, he has great skill and flair as a musician also. He is currently touring Germany with his solo music, which has been receiving a good response from crowds, which is a great start, it is a very exciting time for Guy Connor now and I hope to hear lots more from him in the future.


Ruby Tuesday are a rock n roll duo from Manchester, they create a lot of noise just for two people. With banging drums and raging guitars, they can create a very full sound, which if I didn’t know they were a duo, I’d immediately think they were a four-piece. They have great skill and precision in what they do, but also make music that’s very uninhibited and passionate. They have a heavy sound, but it completely works, they are a world wind of musical goodness. Ruby Tuesday are the way to go, I highly recommend listening to these guys and checking out one of their live shows.


Logan Stryx is a singer-songwriter from Manchester. His beautiful melodies and song lyrics are so sweet. His voice is unrivalled by any other singer-songwriter that I have come across before, so smooth and delicate, it’s unreal. He writes all his own stuff, and he’s always recording new material, so there’s always more music to listen to from Logan. A truly talented musician and songwriter, I highly recommend listening to him.


The Black Rabbits are an indie rock band from Orlando, Florida. They are very refreshing, in that they create slow burning, rock n roll tunes, which just dance on your ears. Their blend of retro-styled soft, rock n roll really makes an impact from the very first listen, already having released their début album, Hypno Switch, back in 2011, they are currently working on their second album as we speak. It’s a very exciting time for this Florida four-piece and I for one, can’t wait to hear more.

Charlotte Holroyd
Editor, Creator and Founder of Bitter Sweet Symphonies. A lover of music and cinema, who's constantly attending gigs and in search of a great experience.

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  1. Awesome reviews. You should review The Circus Kids from Orange County, California. Love the locals!

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