K.I.D.S. are a duo comprised of Swedish singer Rosanna Munter and Charles Cave (bassist and member in White Lies). They have already secured a place at SXSW this year, one of the industry’s leading festivals, which will be a huge platform for them as they are virtually unheard of at this time but making traction as we speak, as it stands they have 163 likes on their official Facebook page but growing by the day.

Their sound is very much deliciously, dark synth-pop in it’s entirety, which makes for a good combination. What makes them so successful is their use of dark, electronic melodies and big production intertwined with Rosanna’s haunting vocals, it creates something of pure beauty and an atmospheric sound that will stay with you long after listening. With songs like All My Evil and Black Star, they are set to be one of 2013’s biggest breakouts.





Charlotte Holroyd
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