In Conversation With… ALICE MERTON

Alice Merton released her debut album in January 2019, it’s a powerful mix of personal and relatable music that acts as a vibrant beacon for the artist to tell her story. Through emotionally-succinct and intensely rhythmic means, ‘Mint’ wields a strong sense of defiant resilience and upbeat motivation. It’s a record to embrace fully, or […]


ORIGINS // Awaken to the Mesmerising World of Caoilfhionn Rose

Manchester artist Caoilfhionn Rose unveiled her debut album Awaken on the 12th of October, 2018. Respected label Gondwana Records has the privilege of releasing the work, after a couple of years in development the collaboration finally reached its fruition when Rose and Gondwana’s Matthew Halsall connected in the studio. They were introduced serendipitously, Rose’s father […]