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TRACK OF THE DAY: EAT FAST – ‘Public Display of Affection’

Praise be! The hitherto enigmatic EAT FAST have released their first slice of new music since sparkling debut EP ‘Fenham Dreadlock’, and truth be told ‘Public Display of Affection’ is a bit of a stomper.

Hitherto enigmatic, I say, as visually this is the first time they’ve stepped out of the shadows and revealed themselves in bodily form. BUT whilst they’re no longer hiding behind Cody Sowerby’s nightmarish artwork (he still provides the graphics for the single here mind), sonically they continue to sink their sugary pop sensibilities deep into cavernous acid-washed fuzz, retaining one of the freshest sounds out in the garage-rock landscape.

Whilst ‘PDA’ is not quite as immediate as the first four singles the North East quartet released, over a few listens it gets itself firmly under your skin. Lead by songwriter Adam Pearson, who cut short a PHD in Contemporary Poetry to focus on what began as a home recording project, EAT FAST was formed when Pearson united friends Mark Brown, James King and John Edgar to help bring the fuzz monster he was creating in his basement to life. Literary analysis’ loss was lo-fi indie’s gain, and if ‘PDA’ is any indication EAT FAST have the chance to make an indelible stain on the scene.

EAT FAST are confirmed to play at The Great Escape again next year and will play its “First Fifty” launch event at Kamio on 24th November

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