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TRACK OF THE DAY: Pandamic – ‘Heck’

Pandemic hail from sunny Oz and create wonderful beachy pop-punk. Whilst it’s stupid to ignore the influence bands like FIDLAR and Violent Soho have had on this scene, Pandemic still manage to chuck something different in with their track ‘Heck’. It bobs along with some nice harmonies (weirdly reminiscent of CSNY) and gritty guitars. There’s not too much to say apart from it’s a great song; it’s like being in a warm bath of melancholy smiles. The production really compliments it however; providing an airy retort to the more aggressive instrumentation.

I really hope this track is picked up a bit more. Pandamic have a very ‘real’ sound to them; their whole image and sound appears to be down to earth. It’s cool to see a band not having a huge pretence attached.

‘Heck’ is out now. Buy it on iTunes here.

For more on Pandamic, head to Facebook.

Harry Hayes
Harry is from the historic city of Canterbury, tucked away in South-East England. He is involved in a number of musical projects including Dreamweaver, Gneng and Bearded Sphynx, and also produces and records artists.

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