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TRACK OF THE DAY: Sea Span – ‘Winter Sublet’

Today’s track of the day is from indie newcomers Sea Span, with a mellow and calm slice of dreamy goodness. Atmospheric and ethereal, this song is radiant with positive and soothing energy. From it’s gentle, tranquil subtlety in the verses, to its lulling melodies and gorgeous bluesy undertones, this track is a blessing on the ears. Let it take you away.

As a brand new band from Philadelphia, Sea Span are only just beginning to surface. At this stage they’re something of a mystery, with little to no social media presence. They’ve been picked up by a handful of blogs already, and with a debut track as strong as ‘Winter Sublet’, the future for them is looking very bright.

For more on Sea Span, head to their Website and Twitter.

George Rowan
Press assistant for Amazing Record Co., occasional writer and drummer.

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