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It seems as though for years there have been factions of British adolescents hidden away, listening to a concoction of psychedelia and grunge, waiting for the perfect time to emerge. Palma Violets heard the wanting wake-up calls, and JAWS awoke from their slumber to follow suit; it’s only right that RINSE join the party now.

With the melodically moody aura of sleepy teenagers, ‘Not Too Late’ comes out of the blocks well before the gun, with invasive drums featuring from start to end. When the chorus arrives, there’s no hiding from the flood of noise produced by the Staffordshire lads’ guitars.

The vibe of RINSE’s latest single fits comfortably into the current toilet circuit scene like a bespoke suit. Punky hooks with psychedelic slides would surely bring any tiny gig to an inevitable frenzy of elbows, hair and cheap cider.

‘Not Too Late’ is out now, buy it here. RINSE headline The Exchange in Stoke-On-Trent on 7th May. Tickets are available here.

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