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First are a three-piece garage-rock band tucked away in London. I’d never heard of them and still don’t understand why not – they’re insane. First have nailed the ’90s alt. rock sound (think Pavement and tinges of early Weezer), but still they manage to put a little something of their own in. It has a very English air about it, in spite of the American influences. Their first album (‘Hermes Has Left The Building’) came out all the way in 2013, so they’ve been a bit under the radar for a bit. ‘Hermes…’ is an infectious listen; after each track you can’t wait to hear the next. It’s a pleasant stash of everything loveable from the garage scene.

‘Kate and I’, a single from their debut, conjures images of nerdy slackers ala Clerks. Fuzzy bass and guitars lead the way in a cute pop song built from simple aesthetics. The tongue-in-cheek video also adds a charm to the song. It’s always joyous to see a band that write great songs but don’t take themselves too seriously.

First are a wondrous discovery for me. One might compare them to Indoor Pets, but recorded through a toaster. Their new album is out in March and a lead single is due for release on 26th February. I can’t wait.

The new single ‘Intended Repercussions’ is released on 26th February, via YSB Records.

First Links: Website // Facebook // Twitter

Harry Hayes
Harry is from the historic city of Canterbury, tucked away in South-East England. He is involved in a number of musical projects including Dreamweaver, Gneng and Bearded Sphynx, and also produces and records artists.

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