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A song with a straight up no nonsense drum beat for an intro always gets me, it’s a bit of a weakness, so I always feel let down if the rest of the band come in and ruin it. This is thankfully nowhere near the case with ‘Fine’ by TUSKA; the washy synths warm up the ear-pallet (that’s not a thing is it….) for the swirling pysche-guitar lines that propel the tune forwards, and provide the back drop for Richard Sturges and Rob Weaver’s pin-point falsetto musings.

Surprisingly, given the already huge success of this exact sound in bands like Tame Impala, Pond and the newly-killing-it Tempesst, TUSKA aren’t from down-under. Well not in the traditional sense, but I guess that Brighton, TUSKA’s hometown, can be considered the ‘down-under’ of the UK, both in a geographical sense and in terms of the unreal great-band-per-population ratio it shares with the bona fide OZ….

Anyway, with all the crazy and chaotic psychedelic tropes included, it’s testament to the duo’s ear for subtlety, that the song manages to generate an ultimately laid-back feel that complements the chorus lyric: “it’s just fiiiiiiine/that’s just fiiiiiiine”. The easy-going nature of the track doesn’t mean to say that it’s devoid of excitement though, just that the balance between the two is finely struck enough to create a track infused with appealing pop sensibilities as well as curious psyche elements.

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