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Fans of noise addled pop gems should rejoice as a new reason to fall in love has flowered in the form of Bristol fuzz fanatics, Jesuits.

Holed away within the confines of their underground rehearsal space, Jesuits have been busy crafting the perfect pop concoction by mixing the angst and urgency of early 90s grunge with the psychedelic bliss of the 60s.

‘Dinner Jazz’, the band’s latest effort to be harvested from this mix of the abrasive and the winsome, is all Byrds-ian guitar jangles and reverb drizzled vocal melodies buried deep beneath muddy mires of distortion and feedback. The accompanying visuals play like a long lost VHS collection watched through the eyes of a stoner as kaleidoscopic patterns and layers of static and white noise bleed across a montage of anime clips and home shot band footage.

FFO: Menace Beach, Inheaven, The Jesus And Mary Chain

‘Dinner Jazz/Carpet Floors is to be released via Gravy Train Recordings on cassette and digital formats for International Cassette Store Day on 17th October and you can catch Jesuits live at any one of the dates below.


22 Bleach, Brighton w/ Dream Wife


12 Start The Bus, Bristol w/ Ultimate Painting

20 Waiting Room, London w/ Britain

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