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TRACK OF THE DAY: Transviolet – ‘Bloodstream’

Rising LA band Transviolet follow up their impressively striking and powerful pop debut ‘Girls Your Age’ with the equally impactful ‘Bloodstream’.

Rising the tempo and impassioned mood, Transviolet continue in fascinating emotive vocals for pop fans of Lorde to Rae Morris and Lady GaGa. The synth-pop group builds a textured soundscape that clamours to danceable heights. ‘I need you in my bloodstream, hold me, break me, break me’ calls an alluring and feisty female hook, decorating a fiery beat-driven track.

The band had this to say on Bloodstream’s destructive and romantically tormented lyrics, “Being in love is knowing someone could completely destroy you. It’s a reckless vulnerability.”

With just two tracks available so far, Transviolet are already displaying an eclectic range of dominantly captivating pop. And with such huge potential, this is a band to watch.

Stream ‘Bloodstream’ below.

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