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TRACK OF THE DAY: Gengahr – ‘Haunter’

David Byrne wrote in his last book, how music is and always has been written with the performance space in mind. Largely, I agree. Looking back over time, we see chamber ensembles become orchestras; big bands become quartets; and of course the evolution of stadium rock. Away from our very own MEN arena however (yes.. I know), the last few years I have found myself watching bands do their own brand of stadium rock. Only, in the Ruby Lounge. Hmmm.. But it seems the sound is self-righting and groups are moving back towards understated beauty and letting Coldplay take care of the stadium side of things.

In this respect, Gengahr‘s latest track, Haunter, flies through my virtual letter box, into the lug-holes and sits happily as today’s earworm.

The electric guitars are left in their case for this one – shaker instead of stick. We are led through game changing chords that always seem to happen upon our familiar starting place, just when I thought we’d wandered into a different key. Never ones for grandiosity, Haunter‘s melody won’t shout about it’s virtues; it taps you on the shoulder politely with it’s subtle charm.

Catch them over the course of this year alongside your favourite bands…

Stream Haunter below.

Gengahr links: Facebook // Twitter

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