EXCLUSIVE // Kristian Harting’s Top 6 of Everything..

Ahead of Kristian Harting‘s 6-date UK tour later this month, we momentarily delve into the brain behind some of Denmark’s most beautiful melodies and elegant verse.

It seems Harting manages to defy the nature of his billing every time. Much more than a singer songwriter, he walks his way around bass pedals on stage, simultaneously looping cathedral-like harmonies and giving us some of the grittiest acoustic sounds you can drag out of an old parlour guitar. It’s unsurprising that the Copenhagen based troubadour soon renounces the idea of the Top 6 of Everything. And for good measure. Frankly, he’s far more interesting…

Top 6 things to do in Copenhagen..

In the summer:

  1. Night swimming in the harbour
  2. Day swimming at the beaches
  3. Hang out and drink beer
  4. Hang out and smoke joints
  5. Hang out in the parks
  6. Hang out in Christania

In the Winter: 1-6 whilst anywhere else

Top 6 reasons to visit Manchester..

  1. Friends
  2. Playing music
  3. Hanging out
  4. L.S. Lowry
  5. Watching world class football in real life
  6. English Breakfast
  7. Pizza at the Bay Horse

Oh… that was seven….

Top 6 albums of the last few years..

  1. Mainly been listening to Arvo Pärt on YouTube lately
  2. Labelmate, Darsombra has been spinning a lot
  3. Satie
  4. Peter Gabriel – So
  5. Orbit Stern – Langt Ude I Skoven
  6. Slayer – Seasons In the Abyss.. hmmm…

Top 6 reasons to tour..

  1. Playing my music
  2. Playing my music
  3. Can’t function as a human being without playing my music and touring
  4. Meeting totally awesome people wherever you go
  5. Having a good time playing my music
  6. Living outside the grind

Top 6 Pre-Gig meals..

  1. Home cooking in Italy
  2. Home cooking in France
  3. Home cooking in France
  4. Home cooking in France
  5. Home cooking in Germany
  6. Home cooking in Germany

Sorry England.. Venues just don’t home cook…. Looking forward to the Bay Horse pizza though..

Top 6 things about being a solo artist..

  1. Logistics
  2. Logistics
  3. Logistics
  4. Logistics
  5. Logistics
  6. Logistics

Top 6 reasons to ride a bike..

  1. It’s fun
  2. It’s cheap
  3. It’s faster than a car (In Copenhagen rush-hour traffic)
  4. It’s good exercise
  5. It’s good for the environment
  6. It makes me sound like a commercial….

Top 6 things about the 1990’s..

  1. Massive Attack
  2. Berlin, the first couple of years after the wall
  3. Religion wasn’t really an issue in politics
  4. We still had a decent welfare system in Denmark
  5. The end of Glam Rock
  6. Oh.. That was only 5…

Top 6 live bands..

  1. Saw Future Islands 26 times in May 2014 [support on their EU tour]. They are pretty awesome

Top 6 reasons to press on vinyl.. (sod the numbers)..

It’s just nicer. There is not 6 reasons, nor the need for it. Hell to carry around though…

Top 6 questions you would ask the Prime Minister..

No use…. We need action, not talk! Especially issues about the environment and financial structures are so crazily important these days and politicians seem to be the last willing to do anything about it.


Kristian Harting is touring the UK next week, for the full list of dates, see below:

23rd March – Secret Show, Manchester

24th March – Whiskey Jar, Manchester

25th March – Corsica Studios, London

26th March – Trinity Church, Salford

27th March – Mono, Chorlton, Manchester

28th March – The Bay Horse, Manchester

For show details, music and more, visit: Website // Facebook // Twitter

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