LISTEN: Loux – ‘Meet Me Halfway’

Indie-electronica aimed at a pop audiences can sometimes be at risk of falling short in key ways. Articulation is often lacking in vocal melodies and lyrics, which alienates the pop listener who is looking for emotional connection with the singer – whereas structures and melodies are often too conventional for the abstract tastes of the […]

Introducing Listen


There’s something unusual about indie-rock newcomer Sam Fender’s first three singles – not one is a love song. In fact, they barely reference sex or love at all, his subjects lean more towards the political. Whilst in itself there’s nothing inherently enlightened about avoiding the topics that dominate the charts, it’s the richness of his […]

Listen Premiere

PREMIERE: Dome Hall – ‘Sugarray’

As the third release from Newcastle’s Dome Hall this year, ‘Sugarray’ continues an impeccable record of writing original and versatile musical works. The new cut occupies another untraveled space; dancing at a slow to mid range tempo, its cradle-song temperament is given full tenure to consume a dreamy sway of part-twilight romance, part-nostalgic melancholy. It’s […]


LISTEN: Beach Riot – ‘Slackers’

London’s Beach Riot engage in fuzz-heavy angst on latest single ‘Slackers’. Unhindered by its catchy pop motifs and familiar structural beats, an assault course of feedback, gang vocals, and a QOTSA-esque rhythm section marry perfectly with the fuzzed-up power chords – the main giveaway to the band’s expansive influences.