Many Things About…NO MONSTER CLUB

Dublin’s No Monster Club are memorable. Never one’s to stagnate or bow down to the generic, they deal in originality. Opting for the quirks that only self-perpetuated expression can bring, but it’s within their lo-fi noise pop that we truly explore who they are – unpretentious, faintly silly but completely genius. The band release their […]


With so much great new music on offer at our fingertips, we thought it was time to restart the #BitterSweetPlaylist and also get inventive. So after you’ve given all the song’s on the playlist a good listen, you can vote for your favourite, by means of the handy poll at the bottom of the page. […]


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Rosie Alena – God’s Garden Lilo – Change Gabrielle Sey – White Noise Luca Firth – Wings The Daylight – The Echo Ali Comerford – He Knows JERUB – Feel It BLAB – Casual Sex Chèlle – Hallucinating You Huwbergine – Grow Genevieve Dawson – Carry it Slowly Man of Moon – Strangers Bull – […]


Grace Gillespie – Empty in the Capital Chartreuse – Three Days Charlie Cunningham – Sink In Francis Lung – I Wanna Live In My Dreams Indoor Pets – Being Strange Billie Marten – Mice Josey Marina – Queen of the Coloured Clouds Rosie Carney – Bare Tancred – Reviews Caro – Lick Your Lips Roo […]