Valleyheart: Lostboycrow’s Golden Era

Lostboycrow has always felt more than a simple musical identity, but a source for greater interpretation further than an artist moniker can surmise. Something more akin to a journey, a shared space, a state of home, which might be the reason why like-minded souls have latched on so tightly to the artist’s music. These are […]


MUSORELIEF: A Bitter Sweet Symphonies Online Festival

Bitter Sweet Symphonies was founded on the basis of two elements: music and community. The want (but more accurately, the need) to share good music with more than just oneself, to foster a collective space in order to start conversations, to spread the word about underground gems and celebrate this communal medium.

LIVE REVIEW: IDER + Art School Girlfriend at Band on the Wall, Manchester

LIVE REVIEW: MF Tomlinson at MOTH Club, London

LIVE REVIEW: Sŵn Festival 2019


TRACK BY TRACK // Broken Hands – ‘Split in Two’

It is often dubbed the “difficult” second album, in most cases this statement duly proves to be mere superstition or rather an unfortunate belief in the folklore of artistic stagnation, while the creation of Broken Hands’ sophomore record was fairly straight-forward on the surface, its arrival into the world has been far from it. A […]


ALBUM REVIEW: Albertine Sarges – ‘The Sticky Fingers’

Some albums have a standing almost more as a work of performance art than one of music, and this The Sticky Fingers, the work of Berlin-based singer-songwriter Albertine Sarges with her newly-formed band of the same name, very much feels like one of those. Not only the lyrics are heavily conceptual in nature, touching upon […]

ALBUM REVIEW: Shame – ‘Drunk Tank Pink’

ALBUM REVIEW: LICE – ‘WASTELAND: What Ails Our People Is Clear”

2020 IN REVIEW: Bitter Sweet Symphonies’ Albums of the Year

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