LISTEN: M8s Records – ‘WW3D’

If we just chilled out for a minute we could spend more time exploring space and its infinite possibilities, instead of tearing each other down in a torrent of reaction. At least, that’s the vibe M8s Records are going for with ‘WW3D’.

A soundtrack to a 3D short film about “a generation of biped/humanoids living in a solar system on the precipice of supernova”, it’s an eerie and anonymous piece that swims in the confusion of our reality, peeking out of the woods it prefers to hide in, not so much afraid of the outside; it’s curious, but assured in its safety in the darkness. “The way we perceive things becomes an increasingly important part of modern society with the propaganda and advertising we are all subjected to.”

No names are attached to the soundtrack, its psychedelic textures belonging to no one and everyone. Sounding like GANG coveringSmiley Smile’, it’s as dense as it is thin, belonging to the cold, sterile prose of Do Androids Dream Of Electric Sheep, instead of the all-enveloping Blade Runner; this is to its credit.

All orders of the release come with a download of the full 3D film, 3D CD release of the soundtrack, and 3D glasses with which to experience the whole package: ‘May your vision be 3D; after all the world is not flat, is it?’

The whole film will be screened in an as-yet undisclosed venue in Margate, Kent, on March 31st. 

‘WW3D’ can be purchased here.

Find M8s Records on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

Lee Whear
Amber Leaf-smoking lover of God-given rock & roll, also writes for Hooting & Howling and thnksfrthrvw

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